Q & A

How long will we be there?

We will be in Papua New Guinea for 2-4 years at a time then come home for an alloted time: typically 6 months to 1 year. Then after our time in the U.S., we’ll return to PNG. That rhythm will continue until the job is done: typically around 15 years.

Are we going alone?

In the village we’ll be with our friends & teammates: Luke & Ellenie Hodgdon, along with their two boys. We’ve been friends with the Hodgdons for almost 10 years!

In the country of PNG as a whole there are dozens of families that serve with Ethnos360. They will all play a critical role in our lives as they make it possible for us to continue functioning in an isolated village context.

What will our house be like?

Each of the families on our team will build a house when we initially move in. It will be a fully functioning home with electricity & running water. We’ll have a solar electric system and a rain water collection system. Our goal is to serve in that location long-term, so we’ll take the time to build a home that our family can safely and healthily live in for many years.

Do we know which village we will be living in?

Not yet.
Once we are in country, we’ll go on a number of survey trips to connect with different villages in various people groups. Local church leaders and organization leaders will both play a major role in our decision. We’re confident that the Lord will lead us to the best place for our families to settle & serve.

How long will it take to learn the language?

6 months to learn the national trade language: Melanesian Pidgin.
2 – 3 years to learn the tribal language.

Are the people of PNG receptive to the gospel?

There have actually been dozens of people groups ASKING for missionaries to come to their village and tell them the truth. Over the years they’ve seen neighboring people groups changed by the gospel, and now they want to hear the same message.

The government is also very open to having foreign religious workers coming into their country. That attitude towards Christianity is very rare in our world today. Open doors and open invitations make PNG an opportune place to see people reached with the truth for the very first time.

How will we get supplies and food?

Depending on what village we settle in, we’ll likely be about a day’s trip by boat to the nearest town. Roughly every 8 to 10 weeks we’ll put together a list of what we need then make the trip out. Along with what we get from town, we’ll also use things available in the village: various fruits, sweet potatoes, and occasional extra meat.

Is there good healthcare in PNG?

No. There is not much available in PNG in regards to healthcare.
We’ll be trained and equipped to treat most issues that would come up on a day-to-day basis. There will also be access to American doctors through email & phone.
In the case of an emergency, we’ll have to travel to Australia for treatment. That is realistically a full day’s travel.

Will we have internet available?

It depends on our specific location, but likely we WILL have access to the internet.
It will be slow and spotty service, but email and occasional video chatting will likely be available. Depending on the type of service, it could be very expensive, so we will have to weigh the options once we are on location.