Perception & the Truth

It’s amazing how much different things can feel depending on your perspective. Things that feel huge today can seem so small in retrospect. Time gone by can serve as that perspective-changer…but an important part of life is learning how to live with a proper perspective on TODAY. How do we deal with the perceptions and … More Perception & the Truth

Root Work

Yesterday, we met with the church here in Konomala for our regular time to study the scripture for the week. Some extra people came who haven’t typically been engaged, so we adjusted and did a bit more thorough job of “framing” the text within the book of Romans before we started studying. Knowing what the … More Root Work

“be better”

Every year our friends here in Konomala have a New Years celebration of sorts. For the most part it just serves as an excuse to get together, eat some food, and have a good time as a family. But as is the case with most gatherings, it’s too good of an opportunity for the leaders … More “be better”

Happy Christmas

Hey, friends!  As everyone here in Konomala would say, “Happy Christmas!” We hope you all had a good thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season! If you’re living in a white Christmas, take a moment and enjoy it really hard for us. If you’re living in some other colored Christmas, don’t be sad, we’re all in … More Happy Christmas

a patient work

Let’s be honest. All too often we expect God to work within our time frames and within our step by step expectations. Then we feel frustrated when things don’t go the way we expect in our own lives or in the lives of people around us. We get so easily distracted by doing things for … More a patient work