on your mark, get set

an in-between time It’s hard to believe that we can say this, but we have finished all the tasks, analysis, and reports that were on the have-to-do list. In the big picture this whole language thing went pretty quick, but the days sure were long. Thousands of hours after we started, we can fluently speak … More on your mark, get set

Thank You!

Truck Update: The entire cost has been met! We’ve lost count of how many times God has provided through our amazing friends, family, and co-workers. Thank you so much to all of you who generously gave to help our team purchase a more reliable truck. Both of our families are awed and humbled by the … More Thank You!

Konomala Team Truck

Main Point:   As a team we have decided that it would be wise and strategic to buy a newer truck. Background:  Before we moved to PNG, we had always pictured ourselves living on an island where we needed to have a boat in order to get to a supply town. For whatever reason we never … More Konomala Team Truck

Expectations and Loss

Ideal vs. Real So here is what the “ideal” would have looked like for the past months in Konomala: After a quick settling-in time, our minds would quickly pick up where we left off in language and culture study.Then our days / weeks would be reasonably consistent and we would settle into a good rhythm as … More Expectations and Loss

Getting ready?

In a stunning turn of events, a government institution did something faster than expected!! Well, kind of … The U.S. was still late in re-opening their offices … but instead of the expected 6 week turn around, our passports arrived in only 2 weeks! Shocking. As of now, our girls’ visas have been submitted to … More Getting ready?