Expectations and Loss

Ideal vs. Real So here is what the “ideal” would have looked like for the past months in Konomala: After a quick settling-in time, our minds would quickly pick up where we left off in language and culture study.Then our days / weeks would be reasonably consistent and we would settle into a good rhythm as … More Expectations and Loss

Getting ready?

In a stunning turn of events, a government institution did something faster than expected!! Well, kind of … The U.S. was still late in re-opening their offices … but instead of the expected 6 week turn around, our passports arrived in only 2 weeks! Shocking. As of now, our girls’ visas have been submitted to … More Getting ready?

the Unknowns

A global virus, two governments, three passports, three visas, five COVID tests, multiple international flights … and a few little people just waiting.Mix it all together and you’ve got a whole bunch of unknowns!As the urgency to make decisions grows, the variables keep changing, and the unknowns seem endless. Here at home It’s been a … More the Unknowns