Getting ready?

In a stunning turn of events, a government institution did something faster than expected!! Well, kind of … The U.S. was still late in re-opening their offices … but instead of the expected 6 week turn around, our passports arrived in only 2 weeks! Shocking. As of now, our girls’ visas have been submitted to … More Getting ready?

the Unknowns

A global virus, two governments, three passports, three visas, five COVID tests, multiple international flights … and a few little people just waiting.Mix it all together and you’ve got a whole bunch of unknowns!As the urgency to make decisions grows, the variables keep changing, and the unknowns seem endless. Here at home It’s been a … More the Unknowns

3 months in Konomala

“When it gets hard, what part of the gospel will keep you going?”  Through different seasons of life, different glimpses of the gospel have come to the forefront of our minds: Sometimes it’s resting in a finished work, and sometimes it’s striving for the prize in the unfinished work. Sometimes it’s seeing His bigness, and … More 3 months in Konomala