Family Time

Firstly, thank you to each of you who have intentionally connected with us, prayed for us, and sacrificed financially so that we can be here in PNG. You are each being used by God to bring Jesus to the Konomala people. It’s all worth it! The girls are doing great. Natalie keeps growing up so … More Family Time

Green & Red

We all know the feeling: ‘I want to get there as quick as I can’, but there are a dozen traffic lights ahead. If I could just get the timing perfect, I can make it all the way through and hit every single green … or I could floor it and try to speed my … More Green & Red

Hurry up and Wait

Nearly nine months ago to the day … we arrived in country, moved around to a few different places, then did a survey of an unreached people group, and began preparing for building houses in a village … now … we’re waiting. It’s a pretty common theme: plan, prepare, hurry up … and wait. Our … More Hurry up and Wait