towards Konomala |part 2|

the Trip

Firstly, thank you to all of you who prayed for us during our trip … and thank you to all of you who have generously helped cover the costs of our travels. There’s no way that we can do this without you guys! 

As other-side-of-the-world trips go, everything went really well on our way to PNG! We didn’t have any big issues or any major delays. The girls slept decent on each flight, and we all got a good night’s sleep during a long layover at a hotel. Our bags all made it and we’re all still healthy. 
All in all … it was a big win!

No matter which side of the world we’re on, the unknowns and changing circumstances are always a real part of the battle. Who knows what the future holds and how the drama will unfold around the world … but we know for certain that God can’t be defeated no matter what our circumstances look like. He’s still the wise, gracious, and loving Father that He always has been. He is still patiently working to see as many as possible become full grown sons and daughters in His family. And each of us get to be part of that! Regardless of what else changes, God’s character never changes … and His mission never changes. 

the In-Between

It took the girls a few days to re-adjust to the time and sleep schedules, but for the most part it wasn’t too bad of a transition.
As soon as we arrived at the mission support center on the mainland, we were dropped off at the house where we’ve been quarantining for two weeks. Most of us are familiar with what quarantine feels like now. It hasn’t been much different here. We’ve actually had some of our own extended family taking care of us. We aren’t biased at all, but they’re pretty great! They’ve taken care of us with anything that we’ve needed during quarantine. 

We have a few days now before our flight back to our island (New Ireland). We still have some supplies to buy and some computer stuff to set up before we head out. And since we don’t get to this side of the country very often, we are thankful to spend some time with friends that we haven’t seen in quite a while. 

the Last Flight 

Our last flight of the trip back to Konomala is on the 9th.
We’ll be flying on one of the mission’s planes with our stuff from home, some supplies for ourselves, and some supplies for our other co-workers on New Ireland. Luke, Ellenie and their boys will be there to pick us up when we land back in our normal supply town (Kavieng). We’ll do the bulk of our supply buying over that next couple days, then we’ll all drive back in to Konomala.
All the official steps are behind us now … time to Rock n’ Roll!

Please Pray 

That we keep growing closer to Jesus every day.
That we choose to put our minds on the things that are true.

That we would be faithful to push our girls towards Jesus.
That we would be self-less, gracious, and full of truth in raising them.

That the rest of our trip to Konomala would go well.
Good flight, good roads, inflated tires, in-tact bridges etc.

That our transition back into Konomala life would go well: reconnecting with Hodgdons, reconnecting with our friends in the community, and re-adjusting to what’s normal.

5 thoughts on “towards Konomala |part 2|

  1. Hey friends! Glad to hear that you made it back there safely and with no glitches. It will be good to finally settle down in your own home and begin to get back into the routine. Wish we could have visited with you guys a bit but we’ll be sure to do it next time for sure. We’ll continue praying for you guys in the mean time. I thought that line of people (mostly family probably) seeing you off was very moving. I hope they do that with anyone who leaves there to go back overseas. I have to admit… I only liked half of your photos in the email you sent… that’s because only half of the photos were visible until I went to your blog online. Nice shots! Take care and may God richly bless all your efforts and keep your family safe.


  2. Been praying for you guys. May the Lord glorify Himself through your ministry among the Konomala people as they become part of Jesus’ flock.


  3. Glad to hear it went so well in chapter one of volume 2…Looking over your prayer requests what came to mind was an old war movie from 1977…The bridge too far…the relevant point was at the end of the movie when it was time to go home the American troops sang “Abide we me”

    Amen and Amen Lon


  4. Praise God, you have made all the flights and connections. We continue to pray for God’s protection and safe travels to Konomala as you carry on God’s mission. Love the pictures of your beautiful family and will pray for the items on your list. God Bless


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