Good things take time

Very few good things in life grow quickly. Obviously “quickly” is a relative term, but for the sake of the moment, just consider the time that it takes for something like a tree to grow to full fruit-bearing strength. Or consider the investment of time and energy that it takes to see a little baby grow into a self sustaining, mature adult. We’re a few years into that one … wow.

Most of our lives today are characterized by finding ways to do stuff faster. When we get to the things that really matter though, we start using terms like: depth, strength, maturity, stability, staying-power. That stuff never happens very fast, especially when we’re referring to people. 

Look back on your own life. Think about all that the things that you have been through that have brought you to today. Think about how messy it’s all been. Think about the people who have helped you along the way. Think about the patience that’s been shown to you throughout the process. 


That’s the slow, messy reality of where we are with the church here in Konomala. Even though we’re in the “early days”, we’ve certainly left the easy stuff behind. God is moving this little church into the deep end of the pool pretty quick. But as promised, He Himself is right there with us. His Spirit is helping, establishing, convicting, and patiently working. There is a small but faithful core of believers who are growing and responding to the truth. They’re beginning to see each other in a totally new light as they are looking to Jesus and experiencing His new life. 

Keep praying for us as we continue spending time in Romans together. The truth being found there will be foundational to the rest of our lives. Pray too as we keep learning how to properly handle the word together. At the same time as we’re learning from the truth in Romans, we are working to equip the church in the basics of HOW to study the Bible. 

Keep praying for the faithful men and women in the church. Pray that their lives would be a worthy representation of Jesus’ very life. That will be the thing to draw others in as they humbly love others like Jesus. 

Pray for the younger guys and gals in the church too. There are a handful of teens who have been quietly (and halfway consistently) listening to the regular teaching in the church. As is true anywhere else, there are so many things that are pulling on their attention and on their hearts. But the opportunity is huge for them to step into the next stages of life in a godly way. Imagine if they choose to step into marriage and raise a family based on the truth they’ve understood and led by God’s very Spirit in them. 


It’s been a little over 2 years now since getting back in to Konomala. That stretch of time has been full. There have been a lot of things “accomplished”, but the grind of life seems like it’s adding up just a bit. By God’s grace we’re doing well. Keep praying that we remain faithful in the things that God has given us both outside and especially inside our home. 

Pray for the girls. Natalie and Lauren (and mommy) are working hard in school each day. Sometimes it can be a little extra with Olivia running around with her own needs. Pray that we continue loving them well and raising them to love and follow Jesus. 

Pray that God continues to protect us from the never ending new diseases that seem to be floating around. I heard a random statistic the other day: for every year lived in the tropics, you lose a month off the end of your life … probably true. Maybe the person was just being a little cynical. Oh well. 

8 thoughts on “Good things take time

  1. Thanks so much, Seth, for the tremendous update!! We appreciate all you have shared so we can pray wisely and we especially appreciate all the pictures of those darling girlies! It’s great how you all are pouring your lives into these prospective future missionaries, giving them a loving home full of the love and attention that they need to flourish and have a love for missions and the value of God’s Word. Keep-on-keeping-on for Him! With much love and our prayers, Grandma & Grandpa


  2. We.ll pray that your right thinking perseveres. Jersey shore high has character thru compassion on there billboard…it directed me to romans where I believe character is formed thru hope and hardship?


  3. Great to see you there for the long haul, it is hard work BUT GOD, HE will give you the strength each day. Keep leaning on HIM, you had some great words for all of us for sure. Your girls are really cute and we love seeing the pictures.


  4. Ok, those were ‘melt our heart’ pictures! …And did I see a Wayumi tee shirt there. Wayumi is wrapping up the church leaders retreat right now although I am not there but our British partner from the tribe, Jack Douglas, is there! He and his wife trained at JS in 1968… a little before you were born. Ha!

    It is always exciting to hear how things are going there with the teaching and all. Glad we can pray and help you with a smidgen of support. (We now share in the support of 23 missionaries plus some other ministries).

    Good to hear about the messiness of the church but keep in mind churches elsewhere are a lot messier than there because here they are comprised of such a mix of individuals from unsaved seekers to new baby believers, immature baby believers, temper-tantrum toddler believers, adolescents believers, mediocre believers, and the rest of the mix right up to spiritually mature ones. At least most of yours are on the same page where you are teaching, even if they don’t get it. While church planting among indigenous peoples is HARD WORK, I wouldn’t want to shepherded the stinky sheep pens here, though most pastors don’t look at the nitty-gritty of what they have to deal with. You guys are our heroes!

    I was back in Pennsylvania last week speaking for conferences –too cold there for me although I remained warm with rushing from meeting to meeting; 18 across six days. Its nice to beback in the AZ sunshine again and now heading to the aviation school tomorrow.

    Ok, continuing to pray for you guys.

    Here’s praying an avalanche of Gods goodness and blessings on you guys… Hogdon’s, too!

    Love-n-stuff, the Hilt’s Dave, Ethnos360 …and Joyce, Perspectives ________________________________


  5. Hey nicely written, as always! Hope you have a great time at conference!
    Is it okay for me to share this post in two parts? First part up to the paragraph that starts Pray for us as we continue spending time in Romans . . . And then the 2nd post those prayer requests for the church? I could use the two photos- one with each post? Thanks, Summer

    Summer Zimmer
    Communications Manager
    New Tribes Mission
    Papua New Guinea


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