“What we doing now?”

For the last few weeks, those have been the first words out of Natalie’s mouth nearly every time she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. That pretty much sums up what our days have felt like since the first week of September.
It seems like every day has looked different … sometimes it’s driving all day, sometimes it’s eating every meal somewhere different, and sometimes it’s taking some time to be not-busy (which means boredom in Natalie’s mind).
After asking “What we doing now?”, Natalie typically wants to know
“What we having for supper?”. Another very important query.

We just got home from the Northern country of New York State. It was a bit exciting and a bit nerve-racking as we come to grips with the fact AGAIN that this is the last time we will be here for the coming years.
It was the same feeling as we spent time in Wisconsin and Missouri.

Our time out in the mid-west went great. The kids did great overall with the long drives, and there was only one time that I (Seth) contemplated jumping out of the car on the highway … so all in all it was quite a success! =)

The Lord has been so good through so many people around the country. Old friends and new ones have opened up their homes, inspired us to keep going, and reminded us that this is all worth it.
It’s amazing that we are already talking about “raising support” in the past tense. Our time of preparation on this side of the globe is coming to an end.
Only 3 months ’til we board the plane.
January is just around the corner!


After living 3,000 miles away from each other for the last year, it was a sweet deal to be living only 30 minutes away from Luke, Ellenie, James, & Noah during our time in Wisconsin. They were visiting the area during the same 2 weeks as us, and we took full advantage of the chance to spend time with each other again.

We always leave our time with them challenged and encouraged in our marriage, parenting, and walk with the Lord. They’re some high quality humans!


Natalie & James immediately picked up right where they left off.
It was a ton of fun!
James was a stud & loved to show off, and Natalie was typically laughing at him in a slightly uncontrolled manner.
With all the playing, going on walks, and running around, we enjoyed getting to see plenty of priceless moments.









Old friends and Cousins!

After Wisconsin, we went back to some old stomping grounds in Missouri.
It was a lot of fun getting to reconnect with some close friends from our church there. There’s nothing better than catching up over steaks, pie, and shooting guns!

We also got to spend some quality time with our friends and family at the missionary training center.


Praise God with us

– That He has allowed us to re-connect with so many people & say our last ‘see-ya-later’s.
– That we now have a short time to be home, rest, and prepare before leaving in January.
– For the 3 families and 1 church that joined our team this month!
We are now at 87% of our monthly budget!

Please Pray with us

– That we would wisely use our time these next 3 months. We want to enjoy being with our families, plan effectively, and rest well.
– That we would look to the Lord for wisdom & patience as we raise our girls.
– That our paperwork would quickly move through the legal process without any major problems.


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