10 weeks & counting!

IMG_0468IMG_0337It’s amazing how much we take things for granted in life. Time moves at the exact same speed as always, but we so easily get lost in the busyness and pace of things. Then time seems to speed up. Moments just fly by and before you know it, entire seasons of life are in the past tense.

I guess I am feeling a bit philosophical as I look at the pictures of our girls and think about how fast these last years have gone. I know we’re still on the front end of the time-going-fast scale. It’s just amazing that we’re talking in the past tense about so many things already … and now raising support is in that category.


We aren’t completely done, but in the grand scheme, we’re now focusing mainly on preparing to leave for Papua New Guinea in 10 weeks.
We’ve been systematically making lists and going through the house deciding what’s going with us, what’s staying here, and what we’re getting rid of.
We’re also having conversations with all the different peoplein regards to shipping a container and coordinating a team to come build our house.

The packing has begun.
The to-do list is growing.
The paperwork is still waiting.And the goodbyes are fast approaching.



“I get a special treat!”

Natalie’s new favorite words now that she’s potty trained! Last week the joyful move out of diapers finally came! Praise the Lord.
She has seamlessly made the transition into the world of going on the potty. Lauren on the other hand is still fully utilizing her diapers. She is quite content just chewing on her monkey blanket.










Luke & Ellenie

Luke & Ellenie are doing good. They’re schedule is getting more and more filled as January draws near. They’re booked pretty tight with traveling and visiting family.

Just a few days ago, they were traveling and their car completely died. The Lord provided again through His people, and someone offered their car for them to use for the next 10 weeks!

What a ride it’s turning into! … pun intended =)


Praise God with us

That He has provided 95% of our support! He’s totally blown us away by His provision through amazing & generous people.

Please Pray with us

That we will be able to gather all the right information in order to make the best decisions as we pack & plan.

That the Lord will give us wisdom in prioritizing our time & energy over the next 10 weeks.

That the Lord will give Luke & Ellenie wisdom, grace, and patience as they navigate this busy stretch before January.


One thought on “10 weeks & counting!

  1. I am so very honored that our congregation here at Bethel Baptist church is able to come alongside of you and your dear family. We send you our “Happy Thanksgiving”, and continue to lift you in your ministry to unfold.
    Dave Willis
    Elder representative/ Mission Bd. Bethel Baptist Church


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