April/May – Build Trips #4 and #5

If you haven’t seen it already, click on the LINK below to see a video of
our recent build trip into Konomala.



Build trip #4

From April 24th to May 12th, we had some bonding time down in Konomala … I mean building time. We had 4 guys from our home church in Pennsylvania come to help us build, and to say the least, we did actually have some one-of-a-kind bonding time.

Left to Right: Cleon, Gabe, Seth, Luke, Miguel, Tim

We left before the sun was up on day one. When we got home on day 14, we had stories to tell … long days of work, long nights of sickness, bad food, good food, baths in the creek, things working great, things not working at all, fears, jokes, frustrations …

In all of it, God was faithfully giving grace as always. He showed up in some of the smallest things, and He perfectly orchestrated some of the most important things.


Just like before, the Siar church came through huge. They helped for the first of our two weeks.
There really isn’t good enough words to tell the story of how how God used the Siar church. They have sacrificially and faithfully served alongside us because they’re convinced that the people in Konomala are worth it. They are totally bought in on the mission of God, and they’ve beautifully modeled that to us and to the whole Konomala community.


We also had a good number of neighbors from Konomala come and help. The guy right in the middle (next to Cleon) is Michael. He has been instrumental in getting us into Konomala. God has used him in unbelievable ways. He’s allowed us to build on his land, and he has facilitated everything with the community throughout the entire house building process.
Satan has not taken it lightly either. There have been a number of times that it’s been obvious that Michael and his family are being specifically and spiritually targeted. If Satan can do something to remove Michael from the equation, he’s going to try it.
But our God is amazing and has worked real-life miracles … in one case He saved Michael’s daughter’s life when by all accounts she should have absolutely been dead.

Keep praying for Michael and his family!


Build trip #5

From May 22nd to May 29th Luke and I (Seth) went down for our LAST BUILD TRIP! We went down for a week to get the houses “move-in ready”. There’s still a lot of projects to do, but here’s what God enabled us to get done:
The floors got clear-coated, the walls and ceilings got painted, the doors got finished, the showers got finished, the kitchen sink got fixed, the solar electric system got fixed, the property got cleaned up, furniture got assembled, a fridge and freezer got installed, and the houses got cleaned.

This was the first trip that we went down without anyone else. That gave us a chance to work late and get a lot done, but it also could have hampered us from getting some big projects done because of the lack of man-power. Obviously God knew those details, and He perfectly met us in those moments. The days that we really didn’t need anyone, no one from the community came … but on the days when we needed extra hands and extra projects covered, God brought just the right amount of guys to help. Multiple days, He sent two guys to sand everything in our entire houses. Another day he sent 4 guys to help clean up the whole property. One day He even sent some ladies that washed our dishes! Really they just wanted to see how in the world we had running water in our house. Their minds are still blown that we can just turn the handle and hot water comes out.

It’s only a matter of days now until we make the long-term move into Konomala. There seems to be building excitement and momentum within the community as people anticipate our wives and kids coming for the first time … and our families staying for a long time.


4 thoughts on “April/May – Build Trips #4 and #5

  1. We’re so excited for you guys as you get ready to move in! What a testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision in your lives and the lives of those who are about to get a chance to hear the greatest news in history!
    Love to you all,
    PS We sure missed you at Todd’s wedding


  2. Dear Seth and Kaitlyn, I cannot imagine all that you have experienced and done so far. Even with the pictures (which definitely help) it still seems so foreign and unrelatable. Do you ever sit back and look at each other wondering how you have made it this far? Only by your complete trust in God that’s for sure. It seems that He is surrounding you with the right people to get His purpose fulfilled there. It was so good to see you and the girls. They are darling and look like momma. I would imagine their blondness is outstanding to the people there. Thank you for the updates. I was thinking about you and said a prayer not too long ago and then these messages came through. You are always in my heart, mind and prayers. May God continue to bless your mission and keep you in good health. May you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in all that you do. Love to you. Ann

    On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 11:16 PM Seth & Kaitlyn Sanford wrote:

    > Seth & Kaitlyn posted: “If you haven’t seen it already, click on the LINK > below to see a video of our recent build trip into Konomala. CLICK HERE TO > WATCH Build trip #4 From April 24th to May 12th, we had some bonding time > down in Konomala … I mean building time. We had” >


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